Diary of a working married mother: Little ailments worrying me

I try not to worry, but when one little ailment comes right after another, I cannot help myself. Every year, I get those moments, where a funny ache comes after a strange rash, which might be followed by a long bout of flu. I find myself reading up on the internet and watching every health show I can, in a bid to discover what the problem is.

I start to wonder if this is a sign that I have osteoporosis, or if like my grandfather, I might be getting diabetes. Within three weeks or so though, all the funny ailments disappear and I am back to normal, forgetting all those worries.

Well, they are back. It started with my right ear. It tends to get blocked especially when I lay my head on that side. The first two times, I used a home remedy and dipped a few drops of warm olive oil into the canal.

I later cleaned it out and I could hear well. The third time my ear felt blocked, I got quite worried – first because it was getting blocked again in a space of a few days, and it felt more blocked because I was straining to hear.

I managed to clean it out and it felt okay. But the very day I cleaned it, my right foot started hurting. I do not know what it is with my right side. The foot hurt only when I put pressure on it or when I walked. But when I sat or just stood, it was fine.

It did not help that months ago, as I was bathing in the evening, I saw what looked like a funny stain on my big toe on that right foot. I tried to rub it off, but nothing moved. It looked like a blood stain, so I thought I had hurt my nail somehow and it had bled and it would all be fine. But a month later, the stain had not moved. Worried, I started reading up on it and ended up scaring myself with stories about melanoma on the toenail – basically cancer.

A visit to a doctor did not help matters as she said she could not properly diagnose, so she sent me to a skin specialist, who assured me I had likely hurt myself and that was a blood stain, which might take a minimum of six months to grow off with the nail.

I was relieved. Until last week when Mr spotted a funny line on the same toe, which is on the foot that is swelling.

So yes, I am close to hyperventilating, wondering what the problem with my right foot is.
­— fluffca@gmail.com