Women inspire women

Happy Women’s Day ladies. Gentlemen, loose your firm tools and get into the kitchen. Today, we get to fiddle with the remote and place our feet on the table, while you, most generous men, get into the kitchen and strive to please us. Oh, the fantasy!

Anyway, tomorrow, Sunday, March 8, will be international Women’s Day. It is supposed to be a day for stepping back and thinking about women in general. Different themes are fronted by different organisations around the world to guide our attention to specific issues, but we also choose our own theme at the magazine.

This year, we are having Women Inspiring Women. In the following pages, therefore, right from this page, you will find life experiences of different women with stories from which you can pick a thing or two.

The 10-year-old on this page and the 24-year-old entrepreneur on page nine got me thinking about the young women we are raising today and how we are helping them achieve their full potential.

Some, in fact most, people have to follow a specific route to make it in life, in which case a parent would be charged with educating and guiding them along the basic path of success.

But some children have special talents and gifts which need special attention and nurturing. It may not be that easy to spot these talents, so just keep an open mind and be ready to leap at whatever gift rears its head.

Sometimes, it is as simple as cooking, or taking care of other children, and these may be the things for which your child was built. Your job is to notice and nurture them.

Otherwise, allow me to also remind you that it is more fulfilling to build than to tear down. It is very unfortunate that women seem naturally wired to do the latter. This Women’s Day, decide to begin a life where you become a woman that uplifts fellow women instead of ripping them to shreads.

There is no gratification in that. It is true that we only get as much as we give.
Enjoy your weekend and say something encouraging to a woman this weekend.