My social media chitchat: Janet, Fabiola, and some thug, all feature

I always choose the easier angle, I hate going via the political angle, that field is the leading contributor of “abortions”- Refer to the Burundi aborted coup. So I choose to go straight to the social media angle because as long as you do not own my phone, who are you to refute my opinions?!! So straight away to my chitchat on a number of things the last week:

On Monday, just a few days before First lady Janet Museveni made her announcement– I will come back to this later. My social media platforms were brought to a sit still ( I should say standstill but doesn’t apply in social media language) when a young lady started throwing tantrums over a quick friendship with someone gone bad.

The lady, a one Sheena in her form six vac had gone to try her luck in finding admission at the prestigious Makerere University. Here I will cut the short story long- From nowhere someone shows up, promises her she can avoid the hustle and have the application process done very quick and even achieve better results.

What happens there, we all know by now, but it all ends/ starts with a phone number exchange, basing on which game you are playing; The Mayweather game ( shoot more points in last round) or Pacquiao (Hit all your points in first round and keep jabbing gloves nonstop).

A day later, the guy (his name Graham) starts calling her (remember business ended), the calls became a bother until the girl gave the phone to her boyfriend to answer. What happened later can’t be explained in words:

whatsapp        whatsapp1

This chaos took us a lot of time and data bundles, as most of my social media connections agreed it served Mr Graham well since he is one of those boys who become so helpful when Vacists come to apply for admission. The end result is always, they want to take advantage and Sheena was a huge fixture to handle this time.

Quick hits:

  1. Can we find ways of helping fresh men and women no to fall prey to the Grahams of MUK?
  2. We need more Sheenas to expose these very surprisingly helpful fellas at MUK?

We were still discussing this Graham issue when someone in a journalist group – Media Wolox popped up with a picture of Janet Museveni. She had quit from politics according to results from the consultations with God.

There was nothing much in this; I guess these guys have the same impression of politics as yours truly (Me). But at that very moment most of us wished God had appointed Mama Janet as the family spokesperson and that everything she said right there was final for the entire family or at least the good lord of equality had passed on the same revelation to all members of the household. But one guy on the Monitor Facebook settled this once and for all:


Be My date presenter Anita Fabiola took over, with her pictures making rounds on different websites, facebook, whatsapp groups and individuals.

First observation by everyone was like: How come the very curvy girl has all of a sudden become as straight as a USB cable? The hips and butt had disappeared like NRM register. But still we were not sure it was her, so we started sending her messages, she started seeing our messages and ignoring them, but communicating with other very close friends of hers and the jazz also leaked:

fab   fab1

And more issues also leaked:


Quick hits:

  1. Things on social media will always leak, but what will leak faster- the bad. No one on social media is interested in your nice dress or your new shoes.
  2. Such pictures will come and no one will stop them, not even the strictest anti-pornography bill. This is because every girl has nude pictures, but no girl wants to accept that she does and this is also seen as the best way of communication for distant lovers.
  3. Just like the screenshots above, avoid the head/face if at all you cannot desist from such pictures.

I was still analyzing events on my Whatsapp when I was thrown out of three of the groups for changing the group Icon, changing the group name and for causing what the admin called unnecessary chaos respectively.

Only one group put me back on Sunday evening after a Liverpool fan quit over being dissed when his team galloped 6 goals.

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