Reasons Why #IpickEddy


Singer Edrisa Musuza aka Eddie Kenzo is surely one artiste who has a very wonderful story to tell, from the times he was labeled a failure in football to when he was blasted on social media as a forever upcoming artiste, i do not want to mention the times the media called him a kindergarten artiste- Oh dear!!!

Today, Kenzo is travelling around the world (forget the English for now after all it changed) like the moon, he is getting so many friends, inspiring lots of young people and exhibiting that it is possible to move from nothing to something.

Kenzo is nominated in the prestigious BET Awards that are on this Sunday, I do not care who his competitors are or what story they have to tell, I believe Kenzo deserves this award and call upon you to pick Eddie because:


  1. He has stuck to what he can do best.

When everybody called him a kindergarten artist, I thought he would definitely stop and jump onto different music, what did he do? the fella went and fetched kids and started throwing them in more videos, more songs- Now that is real kindergarten stuff and for that reason, the sitya loss song  caught the world like a chronic cough and since then, he has never been the same again. For sticking to his gun #IPickEddy


  1. He refused to sing Jamaican patios


You have seen them (I mean the different artists) who are still suffering from Jamaican music neocolonialism, dem artistes who don feel singing fi dem pipo in different language part from Patios- understand what mi mean? Nuff said.

Every artiste steps on stage and first thing you hear is a clan of words you won’t understand only to be told its Jamaican.

Kenzo refused to jump on the trend, his “patios’ was broken English, he says it himself:

“I realised one thing; that you only need to be yourself to bring something new to the world. Ugandan artistes have for long copied Jamaican artistes singing in patois, a language they are not perfect in. Why not sing in Luganda?”


Broda, fi refusing to sing Patios, #IPickEddy. Bomboclat.


  1. Eddy Chose to be as simple as possible

I was having a very bitter argument sometime back with certain self-proclaimed Ugandan music analysts, the topic that brought us headache was cost of a certain video I won’t mention, well they all agreed that having a very expensive video is cool…..I lost.

But looking at the different Eddie Kenzo videos I think I won, I imagine Kenzo needs just two things to shoot a video; 1 Camera 2 Dancers.

There is no need to hire expensive clothes, ati from space etc..wapi, all the boys for example in sitya loss video almost had no shirts, three of them had torn shorts and the girl was dressed in not more than 10k clothes.

The biggest cost Kenzo must have had in that video was storage space on the flash disk!

For choosing to be simple #IPickEddy

  1. His response to Bebe Cool

When he was called an upcoming artist, Eddie Kenzo said:

What I have seen with Bebe Cool is that he doesn’t embrace competition. He is not used to being challenged. He forgets it is God who decides one’s success. We just need to work together to put our country on the next level instead of dissing someone’s work. Ugandans are supporting me, putting me on the next level, for him he’s just being jealous. So he either joins me to carry our country forward, or he leaves me to move forward.

Do not ask where this comes from; read more from Emmy Omongin’s interview on the sqoop website or in the Daily Monitor, all the same #IPickEddy.


  1. BET could be against him.

When certain Ugandans decided to vote Kenzo overwhelmingly to Facebook landslide victory, the management team at BET declared Facebook votes invalid because they were from pseudo accounts- mbu.

When chance comes to you, you can even pick a cow!! This to me is Kenzo’s chance and i want to annoy the BET management team as well, so #IPickEddy and call upon everyone to demonstrate not by undressing but by voting in all ways possible.


  1. He beat the hell out of Kasuku

Joseph katende alias Kasuku was serious thumped by kenzo for carrying negative energy to his (Eddie Kenzo) press conference.

I don’t know how this qualifies Kenzo to get a vote from me, but oh mehn this is the real meaning of  the syllable; “We fought”………so after winning the award, I want to hear kenzo say: Where were you when we were fighting- with Kasuku. So #IpickEddy.


  1. Creativity.

  1. Because of these words from kenzo.


That award is going to change my life forever. The tears, the cold nights I spent in the streets, sleeping hungry and the pain are all going to be healed by that award. It is now. My time is now.


I am even shading tears now..bye