Social media chit chat: Tubonga Naawe causes chaos

I have been having a rough time since my last article here, some “haters” decided to indirectly halt my “bloody” (I like this word) contributions to the chit chat by unceremoniously evicting me from a number of Whatsapp groups, leaving me with only my family group, my classmates’ group and a campusers’ group (don’t ask me about this one) that is never active unless there is a strike.

I was still grappling with my social media boredom and running to different admin inboxes to plead carefully without showing them that they have too much power , when a boda guy snatched my phone along Bukoto- Kisasi road and sped off before I could press enter to send the message.

I was lucky I got a backup smart phone the next morning, but I could not get my line until two days later. Fast forward, I get back my Whatsapp at the very time Professor Gilbert Bukenya was making the mighty U-turn, and of course some group also made a U-turn and allowed me back.

First post I see; “I knew Bukenya would always make the U-turn, I am shocked he took so long, I expected it to be after one day.”  The fella was still typing when another replied: “By the way, am still shocked he has not yet injured his right hand intentionally so he starts greeting with his left.”  Then there came a cartoon to settle the jazz.


I was suffering from HGV ( Human Generosity Virus) that day, to be clear I was so much in the mood of being good so I reminded them that UPDF is recruiting 3000 people, 80 of which should be musicians and dancers. I was putting in mind that we have around three upcoming artistes in the group and at least we cannot fail to have a few more who can try their luck at dancing. And with the current situations of sijui UPDF is withdrawing from South Sudan blab la, you never know one day we could wake up with headline:  UPDF DEPLOYS IN JAMAICA.

A few days later, a cartoon started circulating on all media, I have never ruled out a cartoon that comes from Ogon, it always finds its way on to the social media trend board..and paaap there it was:


Then came the Tubonga Naawe song, I got the teaser from one of the sharp chaps in one group a day to the launch and yes I was excited as I waited for the D-Day. This time Kasuku disturbed us, rattling all night and bragging about how he was invited to attend the event at Munyonyo but he was not interested- For the record, Kasuku arrived at the venue 30 minutes earlier, took selfies with everyone he could find and forwarded them to the same group.

Kasuku was all smiles as he took a selfie with Sanyu Robinah Mweruka
Kasuku was all smiles as he took a selfie with Sanyu Robinah Mweruka

For the rest of the night, we were treated to different updates from people who assumed they were at the event, but do we care? Provided the pictures were legit. I will skip the part where Jose Chameleone kneels, Mendo makes Museveni laugh, Kansiime pleads with MC to shake Museveni’s hand to the next day.

There was fire in all angles, starting with Maurice Kirya’s post on Facebook. It was too detailed I did not read it but everyone who shared it said it was sensible.


A few hours later, several artistes follow up, this time in defence, Juliana was not yet aware, she posted a PLEASE VOTE FOR ME: Harsh comments are still raining on her timeline..

juliana3juliana1 juliana2 juliana4  juliana

She released an explanation, oh mehhhn, this is what they call a social media beating, people are still walloping the poor mwana wa yellow.

Juliana explains...
Juliana explains…

Another friend of mine jumped to her rescue, he came inbox and told me: “ Man I have blasted them, You should read my post.” As I reluctantly went to spot his update, he came back asking me for tips on how to deactivate a Facebook account.

Meanwhile there was all praise for Bobi Wine since he was not part of the “choir” in Munyonyo, but soon people jumped on that too and lashed each other, some claiming the guy was the most loyal of all artistes, while one Afunah and many others reminded us that the same guy the rest are calling a hero had actually swallowed his own song about the KCCA ED and released another praising her.


Very true, Bobi Wine sang Tugambire Ku Jenifer, but a few months later, he was singing Jenifer Abeewo, and he is now a hero!!

I was moving on to the next group when Raymond Mujuni announced he has joined NTV as an investigative journalist. The entire group has been congratulating him since then.


“Balibaseka Bukenya has been sent to the USA to seek for M7s support—mbu,” That is the last post I have seen come through my Whatsapp. So I guess I missed the part where TDA failed to choose a joint leader but Akena managed to bolt in and make off with the flag!

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