The tunes that have rocked the presidential campaigns

The presidential campaigns end today after a very hectic three months (This is my opinion). But let us move on, aside the fights, leave the quarrels, do not stress me with the insults- No. I would like to look at the bloody (I told you I like this word) tunes that have rocked the campaign season.

In 2011, Museveni wowed youth with his “you want another rap”, towards the beginning of this campaign he came back to the music stage with a song Kwezi Kwezi but for some reasons well known to “his music promoters” the song got stuck in the microphone, it never hit the air waves like the previous hit.

In the song, the hiphop artiste Museveni throws out lines in Runynankore.  What is common with his music however he never misses to talk about cattle and it is not long until he asks: “whose cows are those?”

Well the song is here

It was not long after he signed a whole village of artistes to do another tune, need I talk about this one? Except that people allege Jose Chameleone bought new shoes from the sales of this song. I do not want to talk about these shoes, they have already caused a lot of chaos in different social media groups, last I know is that we failed to agree on their price, so ah beg let us just listen to Tubonga Nawwe.

Meanwhile Museveni wins the artist of the campaign award. Shortly before all the two songs above were released, the NRM candidate bolted out with a bloody tune called Lwengoma.



This comes from NRM flag bearer for Kampala Mayoral race, Mr Dan Kazibwe Ragga Dee.



Amama Mbabazi started with a lot of musical heat. He released a number of teaser songs during his consultation meetings, only that all of them were instrumental, save for an animated Amama Mbabazi pulling off Michael Jackson strokes.

Well he moved on fast enough, by nomination day, the Go-forward team were launching something similar to Besigye’s song- It was Songa Songa. Since no one complained that their song (Of course Ugandans complain even when you just have the same title) was stolen, let us go straight to the tune.

It was not too long until another little known artist released another tune that has only one thing- The name Amama. Well it has interesting lyrics…


And then comes this one


This one is too hard for me, please keep your views away as soon as you finish with it.

Then there is this one

This song has been on air play for some time now, but just like they say, every artiste has a break through, this is the time this young man will cease to be an upcoming artiste. The album ( yes the song is an entire album) was even launched in Namboole last week. Well well should the song fail to deliver Besigye to statehouse, it will have failed in its aim hence a flop.

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