1 million likes on Facebook, Salute Ssenkeezi and Clare

Daily Monitor now has more than 1 million likes on Facebook, more than 800,000 post reach and engagement plus a 100% message response rate- beat that.

There is so much to brag about meanwhile, but I am not in the mood anyway, today I would love to celebrate a few people who have made this haul possible.

In 2014, during an interview to recruit the company’s social media specialist, a young man found his way in front of the panel. He did not strike me like anyone who was able to do a thing, he presented himself as one with a passion for marketing and indeed had a good experience there albeit with UBC TV- your guess is as good as mine ( I rejected him in my mind)……then he began to speak and the rest is history.


A few days later, this young man (He is actually not as young as I am putting it) who I will now reveal to you- Ssenkeezi John, reported to office.

He struck the newsroom first with the way he dressed, he tucked in every shirt so well (even if it were a vest) that he looked as neat as a capsule. We have continued to make fun of the way he tucked in his tops, that one time I had to sneak into his bag to be sure he does not use a mingling stick (mulawo) to tuck in.

The he had shoes…polished almost to the under soles, long like a USB cable and walked like he was stepping in fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me welcome John Ssenkeezi, our social media specialist 2014-16.

We never basically talked much with this guy; he was so interested in his big Samsung tab (which he got at some point after joining us), his son and his young wife (I kill his market here before I proceed).

We talked mostly on the keyboard and by how our ideas met in the air and found themselves on the different platforms, we had one thing on mind: “Giving a bloody nose to competition,” and we always echoed that statement whenever we developed content.

Our first video

We had a video graphic of the clashes in Kasese that was first shared by our overall boss- Don Wanyama, but then that was a trial…the funny thing though; after that video, our next video came a year later- Jose Chameleone’s tribute to AK47.


The cover photos

In April 2014, we thought we developed the habit of changing our cover photo every day; with the aim of advertising the paper’s big story for the next day…enter Mbabazi…

This soon became routine….

We went on for almost half a year until the marketing team snatched the space to advertise the company’s brands, well we lost that battle, but glad we showed the use of the cover page..Soon our competitors elsewhere copied it.


Looking out for everything we could use to change the way our audiences perceived us, from very political and serious to more playful yet serious people, I woke up one day and found Ssenkeezi had shared a proverb…at first I was scared we were going to get some serious stick for it…..whatever happened, we had a proverb each day for the next one year until none of us could think about anything new…then we asked audiences to volunteer proverbs..Oh My God…you should have seen Monitor’s inbox (Imagine 300 Nyanzis each sending five proverbs at once)…

Chat with Daily Monitor

Every Thursday or Friday, we opened the lines for strictly thirty minutes from 4pm for our audiences to chat with us about anything, although the biggest percentage asked for our jobs, others asked for our bosses’ jobs while the smallest percentage wanted to be journalist…other asked us whether we knew where Besigye is or his contact and one very strange character said: “I want to be Daily Monitor’s MD.”

Funny comments

Now these ones always gave us the motivation to keep working, even on a very bad day, be sure to get one very stupid comment that will crack you..forget a one Muchope who commented on a post of Janet Museveni retiring from politics with….”I wish this decision could be sexually transmitted.”

One fella on a story of thieves that were shot dead commented: Were they all short?”  And he received a reply from another reader: “No they were all tall.”

Quotes and Notice board

The Daily Monitor notice board took social media by storm, all you people really loved it, and the quotes (most of them from Tamale Mirundi) gave us some rib cracking ourselves.


Ssenkeezi got issues with his feet; I guess the fire was real. During one of the days off, he revealed to me that a good thing came his way…we had a long casual talk, I told him to give me four more months and we shall have taken down our last project- The elections in 2016!

At the end of the elections, enter Clare Muhindo (not any different from Ssenkeezi) only she is shorter and quite talkative. It’s like the two simply exchanged places; they are so much alike and have so much passion.

Clare, did not need any induction, she started working as soon as she had the logins, and did not even require any supervision, very quick and so good at writing.

It’s like playing Ronaldo in the first half, and then while you are 6 goals ahead with 20 minutes left, you substitute Ronaldo for Messi!

Clare is the little body behind the Kasese clashes updates, the Kaweesi shooting. She does magic with the keyboard and will design anything in the shortest time possible. She carries a big Samsung tab too and speaks like she first needs to agree with her voice!

Certain things would not have been possible without these two small heads..by the way the weight of both of them combined is less than a bag of cement.

Today, Ssenkeezi is at Vodafone moving around the country taking selfies with students. He has since stopped tucking in and putting on those shoes that are longer than one step! While Clare must be somewhere in her muzigo watching Telemundo. My only problem with her though is she has still failed to know the difference between a jumpsuit and overalls- she says one is cleaner than the other!


Salute Ssenkeezi and Clare.




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